"...compelling...Wainland provides an inspirational story..."                                  - Kirkus Reviews

​​"Iron Butterfly is an uplifting story that will capture your heart."                  - Dete Meserve, author of Amazon Bestseller, Good Sam

"...an amazing story of courage...you can't help but fall into the story and take on the lives of the characters."                                                       - Anne-Marie Reynolds, Readers' Favorite ​

​"Iron Butterfly lives up to its title. I found it a moving story with a strong likable character. It is the type story that inspires readers...a story of love and the importance of family, whether or not related by blood."                                                                                                    - Darlene Quinn, International award winning author

"With the release of her second novel, Iron Butterfly, Wainland takes on serious themes of family dynamics and relationship crises." - Amazon


In an instant, Cassie must put aside all her day-to-day worries: her looks, a job she likes (well deals with), what to wear. At twenty-nine, she receives sudden, life-changing news. She realizes that her everyday life with her fiancé, Jake, was pretty amazing. Who cares about a sarcastic boss or a promotion when losing everything has become a terrifying reality? 

Cassie’s shocking news infiltrates the lives of everyone she loves, particularly Jake and her estranged sister, Sandy. Jake wants to be strong for Cassie, but this unexpected turn brings back painful memories—and a terrible secret he’s shared with no one. Sandy, who ran away to pursue stardom, is called home to face those she left behind. The golden child of the family, Sandy fell from her pedestal long ago. Will she be able to face her own failures? 

As Cassie struggles against an uncertain future, Jake and Sandy battle with the demons of the past. All three will learn valuable lessons about love, forgiveness and appreciating the days we’re given.

Lisa Wainland

Readers' Favorite Award winning author

© Copyright 2017 Lisa Wainland


​​Iron Butterfly by Lisa Wainland is a story that feels so realistic you can imagine these characters could be anyone you know. Lisa Wainland's perceptive descriptions lend a richness to the lives of each character in Iron Butterfly. She breathes life into them in such a way that I felt like I was watching a movie instead of reading a book. Cassie was oh so easy to relate to, and when she hears devastating news that rocks not only her world but everyone around her, I could easily feel the emotional upheaval that everyone felt. The fear of the outcome was tangible and very realistic. Her worries became mine, and the anxiety of waiting to know the truth of how things would turn out for her compelled me to keep reading. There were some sweetly poignant moments between her and Jake, moments that melted the heart, and showed the depth of love that they had for each other. The stories of Jake and Sandy were also very compelling. The guilt and blame that Jake carried because of something he felt responsible for was heart-wrenching. The issues going on with Cassie allowed him to realize that he needed to deal with the truths of what had happened in the past.

The story between Cassie and Sandy was, sadly, a realistic look at what often happens between siblings. Vivid descriptions allowed me to experience the sights and sounds of the story. I was really touched by the description and symbolism of the butterfly. A richly satisfying novel that makes one realize the ties of family, the strength that we all possess, and how it sometimes takes a scare to make us understand and value what is really important in life.


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Iron Butterfly

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